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The American Pit Bull Foundation is a nonprofit organization based out of Charlotte, NC. Their primary focus is on responsible breed ownership and education. They needed a complete rebrand to accommodate the rapid national growth and exposure they were receiving.

We worked with them to organize content, design a more versatile logo, establish brand guidelines, and develop a new website that would help them scale.

Web, e-Commerce, Application, Branding, Content

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Website Overhaul

As with most nonprofit organizations, APBF began small and their website was template based and constraining. They needed a website and strategy that could help reach more users, expand the services they provide and better tell their story.

We focused on site structure and compiling all the content they had on various platforms into one easy to use main source. The content strategy drove the design and functionality of the website.

e-Commerce & Subscriptions

Creating an easy way to collect and manage subscriptions was a key component of this project. The American Pit Bull Foundation raises funds for education, programs, community outreach and animal welfare. They needed an easy to use system that tracked which funds were donated for which causes. We also created an online store for merchandise sales through the website.

They offer a membership style donation that involves a recurring subscription based application. The functionality allows donors to set up a giving schedule that is automatically charged, for easy consistently recurring donations.


The American Pit Bull Foundation has hundreds of volunteers and supporting businesses. They needed a system built that could manage volunteers, create events, sell tickets, handle sales and provide resources for outreach. We formulated a strategy that allowed all their needs to be met and built a system that could manage their organization's need.

They also foster and adopt dogs and needed a powerful way to list, track and monitor all the dogs that came through the program. We built a custom application that could handle the requirements for responsibly adopting dogs in the community.