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Building an e-Commerce brand

HIBR is a direct-to-consumer lifestyle bedding company. The company focuses its efforts on designing sleep products that improve their customers lives. They do this through product innovations, honest pricing, breaking the supply chain and superior customer service.

We wanted to communicate the vision through a simple, customer friendly website that made the buying experience enjoyable. Since launch, their pillows and mattresses have been praised by publications such as Lifehacker, Maxim and Digital Trends – along with celebrities and athletes.

Branding, e-Commerce, Web, Design

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Time & Convenience

The online bedding industry is solving some big problems for the consumer. It saves the customer from any frustration or confusion they encounter at retail stores as well as saving them time and money.

Our challenge was packaging this new service into a clean, easy to navigate and user friendly website that made the purchasing experience memorable.

The Power of Wordpress

We built this website on WordPress because it offered the safest, most customizable e-Commerce solution available. HIBR can monitor customer behavior, track orders, synchronize with the fulfillment center, create personal URLs and scale as the business continues to grow.

Development Innovations

Using WooCommerce to power the online store was our preferred method to give the customer the best user experience. We felt that a more streamlined approach to the shopping experience was better suited for what HIBR needed, so we built a custom slide out shopping cart which allowed us to bypass the shopping cart page (taking the consumer directly to checkout).

WooCommerce loved what we did, and they even wrote an article about it.