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Passionate Paws

The future of animal care

Passionate Paws is a veterinarian startup in Waxhaw, NC focused on raising the bar in the animal care industry. Their vision is to provide pet parents with the safest and most effective health care plan designed specifically for each animal.

They wanted to provide their patients with relevant articles, engaging videos and educational content that can improve the way customers receive information.

Web, Design, Application, Photography

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A Small Budget Maximized

There are a ton of expenses involved with launching your own medical practice. Passionate Paws knew that one of the most important parts of fulfilling their vision was to have a website that could grow with the business.

We work with startup budgets on a regular basis and being creative with a small budget is something we do extremely well and efficient.

Custom Features

An important component of this project was creating a system that was easily updatable and could accommodate the features they wanted the website to deliver. Passionate Paws needed a way to create searchable, archivable content - as well as easily sharable.

They also needed a system that could help them sell products and aid with promotions. We built a custom application that allowed them to automate most of this work.


We provided the initial photography for the website in an effort to keep costs down and streamline the workflow. All photography work was completed in-house (storyboarding, capturing, post production and deployment).

Having strong photography is an integral part of capturing the customer's attention. Being involved with the photography from the onset allowed us to produce images centered around the content and structure of the website.