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PGA Magazine

The Golf Industry's Leading Source

PGA Magazine is the top publication and resource center for the golf industry. The magazine is shipped monthly to golf professional and contains industry insights, data and stories derived from leaders in the Professional Golf Association of America.

We continue to help the magazine grow and expand its reach online. We have worked with PGA Magazine on over 15+ custom projects targeted to better reach and assist the golf business.

Database, Content Structure, 15+ Projects

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The Migration

PGA Magazine came to us with the problem of needing to find an agency that could handle not only a massive data migration, but looking for a partner that could help expand their growing business on the digital frontier.

Their old system was antiquated and we needed to build a custom script that successfully extracted all the archived data and organized it into a new database structure.

WordPress Applications

The management of users and advertisers was a major priority for this project. A custom application needed to be built that hooked into the main PGA database and allowed PGA Members exclusive access to content.

Advertising is the main revenue driver for the magazine and designing a system that allowed them to sell and manage each advertiser was a critical component of this project. We built an application that allows them to schedule, manage and deploy each advertiser's material exactly on the specific pages outlined with each business.

Continued Innovation

We continue to work with PGA Magazine and their parent company to build websites and applications that grow the game of golf. We have built projects that allow members to upload and share merchandising content, along with travel destination sites that help grow the game internationally.

Working with businesses that have the ambition to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what is possible, allows us to put our knowledge and leading edge technologies to work.

Digital Business

Through our pursuit of providing education and resources to the development community we were asked to contribute monthly articles to PGA Magazine in an effort to help golf professionals expand their knowledge.

We write on all topics digital. While we enjoy keeping the industry updated on social platforms and best practices on those platforms, we also dive into topics such as digital audits and modern business practices.

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