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Sandridge Energy

When Energy & Time Are Important

Sandridge Energy is a publicly traded, Top 25 Energy company based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They were undergoing a corporate and brand restructuring campaign and needed a new website to represent these changes to investors.

We had worked with Sandridge Energy four years prior on the previous corporate website, so we were familiar with their team and workflow. However, this project had a wrinkle - they had three weeks until they began trading on the NYSE and the website had to be finished.

Design, Strategy, Development

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Modern & Mobile

The focus of this build was to blend modern design elements with a user-friendly investor focused interface. They needed a website that could provide public information as well as investor updates on any device, anywhere. We designed a site that is easy to navigate and easy to update so that their internal team could handle updates to the website.

Time Crunch

This was a great project in many ways, and had almost everything going for it but time. The deadline from start to finish was three weeks. Complete site redesign, site structure, copy, edited images, and a mobile-first approach all in a tiny window of development time. This was a fun and exciting build from day one - the entire team worked perfectly together.

Integration For All

Relaying information to investors was an important key performance objective for this project. Sandridge uses multiple third-party services that needed to be seamlessly integrated into the design and responsiveness of the site, through third-party API integration. Displaying stock information, investor reports and investor news - along with making the site publicly accessible was a fine balance that we needed to obtain for a successful website.