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Warner University

A University Content Story

Warner University is located in Lake Wales, Florida and needed a major website overhaul to accommodate their growing student enrollment. We collaborated with the JDA marketing agency to provide development and content strategies for the new website build.

After successful completion of the main Warner University website we were hired again to launch their new online degree website for virtual education.

Content Strategy, Web, Database

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Content For Days

Warner University had a massive amount of content that needed to be quickly accessible and easily digestible for students. Making the content interactive as well as complete, especially on mobile devices, was the main challenge.

We solved this problem by viewing the content as part of a story. By making the content follow a story arc we were able to accomplish the tasks set out by the university.

Site Structure

Focusing on the UX made it possible to follow the content from section to section, all throughout the website. We thoroughly explored how students would be using the information from the website and formulated a plan to display that information for quick consumption.

We studied how students were currently using the website and the hurdles they faced when wanting access to certain content. Through proper organization of the content we were able to navigate the students through the website with more fluidity and ease.

Online Degree Website

Following the success of the main Warner University project we were once again commissioned to help launch the Online Degree Learning platform the university was beginning. This was the first attempt for Warner launching an online degree option and they wanted their students for it to feel as if it was an extension of the main website.

The goal was simplicity and ease of navigation on mobile devices. We provided all the development and database structure for this project in partnership with the AOR, JDA.